30 June 2016

Technodinamika Holding has manufactured and delivered the first prototype of the landing gear set for the latest Yak-152 training aircraft to the Irkut Corporation, thus completing the first phase of a contract to develop, test and deliver landing gear components signed with Irkut in 2014.

The Technodinamika Holding has manufactured and delivered the first prototype of the landing gear set for Irkut Corporation’s latest Yak-152 training aircraft. Aviaagregat Plant, a holding’s industrial site in Samara, is to manufacture and hand over three more flight LG sets to OKB Yakovlev Design Bureau before the end of August. A total of eight LG prototype sets are to be made: for aircraft static tests, for repeated aircraft static tests, two flight sets, one spare set, a set for dynamic drop testing and two sets for testing at Aviaagregat.

“It is an honor for us to participate in the development of a new aircraft, as the importance of launching the Yak-152 is difficult to overestimate. The fleet of the Yak-52 trainer aircraft used for initial training of flight cadets is obsolete and needs to be replaced. The quality of training of Russian pilots and thereby strengthening Russia’s defense capability depends on this project,” says Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk.

In 2013, Aviaagregat proactively started to develop the landing gear for the Yak-152 before signing the contract. A technical proposal was prepared and detailed design work began in April 2014. The development of the working design documentation commenced in December 2014. In March of 2015, the developed 3D models and dimensional drawings were handed over to process engineers for preproduction engineering work. A few months later, in June, the working design documentation was handed over to manufacturer.

The landing gear design incorporates the use of proven structural materials, time-tested design and process solutions. This provides operational reliability and easy maintenance of LG components in a variety of conditions outlined in the aircraft specifications.

The new Yak-152 will become an important part of the pilot training system. It is distinguished by maneuverability and easy maintenance. In particular, the plane has a tricycle landing gear with a nose leg, construction of which will enable it to perform takeoffs and landings on all types of runways, including unpaved runways with strength of less than 5.5 kg/cm2.