14 June 2016

On June 8, 2016, the Irkut Corporation unveiled Russia’s newest MC-21 medium-haul passenger aircraft. For the first MC-21, the holding has supplied landing gear components, locks and cylinders. They have improved weight and dimension characteristics and a service life of 60,000 takeoffs and landings and 80,000 flight hours. As of today, the holding’s products have successfully proved their life of 250 takeoffs and landings, which is sufficient to ensure safe takeoff tests.

“In 2005, when the MC-21 program was being formed, disjointed enterprises, which today are part of our holding, were unable to offer aircraft manufacturers turnkey systems,” said Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk who attended the roll-out ceremony. “Over the years, we have done a great job and now we are able to deliver a number of our newest systems for new versions of the MC-21 aircraft.”
He also noted that the Russian systems will be highly competitive with their foreign counterparts in performance at a lower cost.

Among the systems, which Technodinamika is ready to offer Irkut, is the latest increased reliability fire protection system that has successfully passed tests. In addition, the holding company is developing a power supply system, an emergency oxygen supply unit capable of providing the crew and passengers of the aircraft with oxygen in an emergency cabin decompression at an altitude of up to 12,500 meters, a stabilizer trimming actuator, an electric cargo door actuator and a new TD-901 auxiliary power unit. In addition, the holding company is ready to develop and deliver a hydraulic system, a mechanical container handling systems and several other systems for the aircraft which are within the scope of Technodinamika’s competence.

MC-21 - a family of Russian short- and medium-haul aircraft being which is being developed on the basis of cutting-age technology and targeted at the most capacious segment of the world market. The family includes two models: MC-21-200 designed to carry 132 to 165 passengers and MC-21-300 with the capacity of 163 to 211 passengers. The aircraft is designed to replace the outdated Russian aircraft Tu-154, Tu-204 and make competition to foreign-made airliners such as Boeing-737, Airbus 320 and others. Currently, the portfolio of orders for the MC-21 is 175 units.