The inert gas system

One of the newest systems developed by Technodinamika is the system of inerting agent (SIA) for all aircraft types, in full compliance with Russian and international standards and safety requirements. The system is designed to create an inert environment and prevent the formation of flammable fuel vapors in the fuel tanks of the system by reducing the oxygen content. SIA consists of air preparation subsystem, subsystems of generation and distribution of inerting agent for fuel tanks. Reducing of oxygen content in the notopleuron space of the fuel tanks is carried out by supplying the nitrogen-enriched air into notopleuron space.

The following requirements are imposed upon inert gas system:

- Preventing the ignition of the fuel mixture in the tanks at various flight conditions. For meeting of this requirement in the system is necessary to maintain a predetermined volume concentration of inerting agent at different fuel consumption rates and flight conditions. Gas flow in open drainage system should not be overly large.

- Adequate supply of inerting agent needed to create the required concentration in the notopleuron space of tanks during the flight. During system operation pressure in the tanks should not rise too high.

The use of a membrane air separation module allows to reduce its weight by 2-3 times compared with the balloon system of inerting agent, as well as to reduce the time for maintenance of the system during operation.

The oxygen content in air mixture at the outlet of the system is less than 10%, which meets the strict requirements of the customers. The system of inerting agent from the air separation unit does not require preflight-service. It can be installed on various types of aircraft, and the operation of the system automatically allows to not distract the attention of the crew during the flight. Installation of inerting agent, developed by the Technodinamika ensures compliance of aircraft with international security standards.