Holding projects

The holding adopted the unified Charity and Sponsorship Policy.
Charity and sponsorship are an expression of the company’s civic stance and the natural desire to do good, these are just as important for the Company as the result of its economic activities.

Our objectives in the field of sponsorship and charity:
  • contribute to the social development of Russia;
  • strengthen the company’s reputation as a socially responsible organization;
  • strengthen the Company’s reputation in the social and cultural environment;
Maxim Kuzyuk participated in a panel discussion at the forum titled “Management of the Future 2016.”
Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika Holding, part of the Rostec State Corporation, participated in a panel discussion at the forum titled “Management of the Future 2016.” The conference was held on 7-9 April at the St. Petersburg State University.

The head of the holding said that the current crisis offers both companies and young professionals new opportunities and the Russian aircraft industry today is not inferior to such areas as finance and consulting in terms of career prospects.


“New product development time to market in the industry is five years and our goal is to become a supplier of globally competitive systems in two years,” said the Technodinamika CEO. “There is a tradition in our industry to ask for government funding for development and re-equipment. Today the situation is changing and we have set the goal for ourselves to become profitable. Our profitability has grown from 2% to 10% in three years.”

Maxim Kuzyuk added that the important qualities of specialists are the ability to achieve results and a clear awareness of own abilities. “You could be lucky and talented, but first of all you need skills and knowledge, which can be acquired only through practical activity,” he said.

Technodinamika representatives also participated in the round tables and in a job fair where students were able to communicate with the holding’s HR specialists and hand over their applications. The holding is already preparing invitations to interview for the most interesting candidates. The conference was attended by about a hundred students from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as from European universities. To get to the event, they had to undergo a serious competitive selection, which consisted of tests and solving business problems.
Technodinamika handed over fifteen SCUBA diving sets to hearing-impaired and deaf children
The Technodinamika Holding, part of the Rostec State Corporation, has handed over self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) diving sets to a section for hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents. The event was held under the Expanding the Boundaries project.


On April 13, in the framework of participation in the Expanding the Boundaries project and an agreement with the Russian Geographical Society’s branch in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Tatarstan Federation of Underwater Sports, the Technodinamika Holding handed over 15 SCUBA sets to the Federation’s section for hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents.

“There is growing cooperation between the holding and the Russian Geographical Society in Tatarstan,” said Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk “We believe that the popularization of underwater sports can actually expand the boundaries for hearing-impaired and deaf children.”


Technodinamika launched the Expanding the Boundaries project for the Tatarstan Federation of Underwater Sports’ hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents in 2014 in cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society’s regional branch in the Republic of Tatarstan and with support from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents have achieved significant results throughout this socially important project. Under the guidance of the Federation’s experienced coaches, the children, who had no experience of training and swimming in the pool, have learned to confidently stay afloat and fin while their more experienced peers practiced their skills and new exercises for further dives. They gradually moved towards using diving equipment.

“It is important that children are fully integrated into society of their peers, the physiological barrier of communication is erased and a positive, friendly environment is created,” said Dmitry Shiller, Head of the Russian Geographical Society in the Republic of Tatarstan and President of the Tatarstan Federation of Underwater Sports.
Teсhnodinamika held the first scientific conference for young professionals  
Teсhnodinamika held the first scientific conference for young professionals in the holding’s history.   Among participants - the staff of Technodinamika’s Design Center from different cities of Russia.   The aim of the conference was to discuss new ideas, research and exchange best practices in the implementation of projects.

Teсhnodinamika Holding held the first scientific and technical conference of young specialists.   Young engineers discussed trends in the development of aircraft electrical systems, conducted a comparative analysis of power generation systems and shared new developments in the calculation of magnetic systems.   The discussions also related to filtering materials for the future aircraft, crash-resistant fuel system and the construction of stand fixtures for chassis.
In addition, Teсhnodinamika’s employees discussed the nuances of designing an air conditioning system that coud meet requirements of the advanced electric aircraft concept.   At present this system is one of the most energy-intensive.   According to studies by Russian scientists, the HVAC electrification can help decrease power losses by up to 30%, reducing the weight of the piping system and components by 20-30%, lowering fuel consumption by 1-2%, especially for long-haul aircraft.  
“Today, despite the crisis in the economy, we continue to invest in the creation of new products. Our strategy provides for developing of the competence of a system integrator and developer, so, the engineering staff - is the most important asset of our company.   We pay great attention to their development: support programs of the Graduate School of System Engineering, develop programs in regional universities, at enterprises, train our employees at the Design Center.  Launching internal conferences is another step in this direction,” told Maxim Kuzyuk, CEO of Technodinamika. 
He said the holding must create a new product line that meets the highest requirements of international aircraft manufacturers, as well as develop scientific and technical groundwork for future projects.   “In particular, it concerns the development of systems for more electric aircraft: more powerful and efficient power supply system, new air conditioning system, system of aircraft movement using electric wheels, and others. Today it is important to be competitive in pricing in addition to having a system with the best performance, so, we need to ensure that all the projects fall within the specified price segment,” added Mr Kuzyuk.  
Maxim Kuzyuk took part in the Heroes Birchwood Project 
The ceremony was held last Friday in the victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. During the event, participants planted birch trees in honor of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. The event was organized by an international environmental movement Living Planet, chaired by Nikolai Drozdov.

Maxim Kuzyuk, head of Technodinamika, attended the ceremony. He planted one of the birches in the lane, dedicating it to the Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Mikoyan.
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“Stepan Anastasovich was not only a professional pilot, who fought till the last day of the war, he was also an honored test and design engineer. Thanks to such people, who are completely in line with our company’s ideological values: innovative solutions , commitment and responsibility, Russia is still the leading space power and our fighters are the best in the world. One of the holding’s priorities is to promote a new level of design competence in Russia and Stepan Anastasovich is a role model for our design engineers, as well as an example of selfless service to the profession,” told Maxim Kuzyuk
Technodinamika as General Sponsor of Rostec Corporate Games
Technodinamika Holding, part of Rostec State Corporation, has become the general sponsor of the Rostec Corporate Games. The competition takes place in Sochi on October 16-18. 

The Rostec Corporate Games are held twice a year. In summer participants compete in mini-football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming and athletics. The program also includes tournaments in darts, checkers, chess and backgammon, billiards, as well as a sailing regatta. In addition, the program covers table tennis, tug of war, pull-ups, push-ups, the GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) complex.

“Technodinamika Holding is proud to be a sponsor of a significant sport event,” said Maxim Kuzyuk, Techodinamika CEO. He marked: “We never forget about sport: our top managers play in the company’s football championship; our employees take part in marathons and win in other competitions. In addition, sports events strengthen the team and team spirit not only within individual companies and holdings but also within the entire State Corporation,” 

The first Rostec Games were held in 2011, sponsored by Rostec jointly with the Sport Foundation. They included participants from various regions of Russia. The competition rules are quite democratic and do not limit amateur athletes by stringent requirements to the level of physical training. 

The Rostec World Corporate Games made it to the schedule of major public, sports, and mass events of the international, national and regional level, held in the city of Sochi in 2015.

Technodinamika support promoting hi-tech jobs among young people
Technodinamika has become an official partner of the Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia Forum. The event takes place in Yaroslavl on October 26-29. The holding will be represented by V. Nikolenko, CEO Technodinamika Distributed Design Center CEO, Ph.D. in Engineering Science, head and design engineer with more than 18 years of experience in the aviation and energy industries.

The Forum annually gathers endowed students from all 85 regions of the Russian Federation, among them - winners of international and All-Russian competitions in scientific and technical creativity fields, inventors and patent holders.

Viktor Nikolenko will take part in a panel discussion and present an interactive lecture-presentation, devoted to design engineer activities, advanced technologies and interesting projects. In addition, the chief of the holding’s HR Department will hold an intellectual quiz among endowed students.

“It is extremely important to support young talents in their endeavors,” said Sergei Gulkin, Technnodimamika Deputy CEO on organizational development and staff. “At this stage, it is important that they do not get their wings clipped, it is important to motivate them to move forward, to engage in scientific, engineering activities, to help them to build their own path of development. To solve this task, future employers should include endowed students in their area of interest as soon as possible,” he told.

“Technodinamika pays great attention to the development of a training system for professionals of the industry, as well as to the problems of school education, retraining and advanced training in specialized schools and centers. The holding has been actively cooperating with the leading Russian technical universities to conduct targeted training. For us, it is important to support those, who have already chosen their path, as well as to promote hi-tech jobs among talented young people, working with an view to the future,” told Maxim Kuzyuk.