Occupational safety and health

Technodinamika’s enterprises implement a unified system for the preservation of life and health at the workplace, including legal, social and economic, organizational and technical, sanitary and hygienic, medical and preventive, rehabilitation and other measures.


Technodinamika’s key commitments in the field of occupational health and safety:

-           prevention of negative impact of production factors on personnel and the population;

-           monitoring over compliance with occupational health and safety requirements;

-           constant improvement of the knowledge and competence of all employees;

-           binding suppliers and contractors, operating at the company's facilities, to comply with the company’s standards and norms in the field of occupational health and safety;

-          engaging the staff to actively participate in occupational health and safety activities, creating conditions, in which every employee of Technodinamika is aware of their responsibility for their own safety and that of those around them.

Technodinamika aims at aligning the Unified Occupational and Industrial Safety Management System under the international standard “Occupational health and safety management systems”.

The company’s work in the field of occupational safety and health has already resulted in a lower number of accidents and incidents at the workplace.